Everyone is welcome at The Center for Active Living

We are a vibrant social gathering place for our community where people can find friendship, healthy activities and meaningful engagement as they age.

We are located in the heart of the West Seattle Junction and serve the greater Westside peninsula. We are a center for daytime and evening activities, not a residential living facility.

You may remember us as the Senior Center of West Seattle. We changed our name in 2024.

Two older men stand close together, both smiling, with one man wearing a plaid shirt and the other a grey shirt with glasses from The Center West Seattle. One man has his arm around the other's shoulder.

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The logo displays the text "The Center for Active Living" enclosed in a blue circle, representing the Senior Center for 50+ in West Seattle.
Two smiling women posing together; one wears a red hat and black jacket with a white shirt, and the other wears a pink sweater over a collared shirt. The background features a partial text quote on the wall, captured perfectly in these FINAL GLOBAL PHOTOS.
Two elderly women smiling in the final photo: one with glasses and a gray sweater holding a cup, the other wearing a dark vest with reading glasses hanging from her neck.
Two people stand in front of a brick wall, smiling at each other. One person is wearing a gray jacket and sunglasses; the other is in a gray hoodie and sunglasses. This snapshot from 5-7-Footer Photos captures the genuine bond between them.