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A man in a black shirt, identified as Larry Schwab, stands in front of an open van filled with various boxes, some of which are Amazon packages. The West Seattle volunteer appears busy organizing the items.

Meet Volunteer Larry Schwab

Story and photo by Charles Wallace, Stop & Shop volunteer

Larry Schwab has been a Stop & Shop volunteer for three years, helping us transport unsellable items to other nonprofit charities. We’re so grateful for Larry’s help—it has been hard to fill this essential role because it requires heavy lifting and a large vehicle.

Even when he had some serious medical issues, Larry has remained consistent and reliable in his support of the The Center’s thrift store. We can tell that it’s important to Larry that he spends time helping others.

Originally from Bismark, North Dakota, Larry has lived in West Seattle since 1975. He really enjoys art and music, and Larry plays the guitar, piano and harmonica.

He also has a small landscape maintenance business. He’s a friendly guy, and many of his clients are members of the The Center, so some of you may already know him!