Technology Programs

The digital world changes quickly, and it can sometimes be difficult for older adults to keep up. The Center’s Digital Navigation program provides low-cost access to computers as well as expert help learning new skills and navigating technology challenges.

We provide open computer lab time every week for people to check their email, surf the internet, search online resources and much more. For people who need help, we offer Digital Navigation one-to-one help as well as mini courses, lectures and workshops. Our team of volunteers can teach you how to make and receive calls and texts, set up and access voicemail, recover forgotten passwords, install new apps, manage email, update operating systems, decipher error messages, organize cloud storage and more.

Two people wearing masks sit at a table in a room with computer workstations. One holds a smartphone, while the other rests their hand on the table. They're likely participants in technology programs for seniors in West Seattle.

Martin Piccoli
Digital Navigator
206-932-4044 / ext. 114

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