Volunteer With Us

More than 200 annual volunteers support The Center to make our activities, events and meal programs possible.

We have a wide variety of opportunities available, such as membership ambassador, kitchen assistant, café server, event helper, outreach program visitor, computer room assistant, Stop & Shop cashier and much more. You can also volunteer to teach a class or lead an activity.

If you are interested in volunteering, fill out our online application.

Three men in aprons smile at the camera while standing in a kitchen, one giving a thumbs-up gesture. Their camaraderie embodies the spirit of volunteer opportunities in West Seattle.


Danny Perez
Volunteer Coordinator
206-932-4044 / ext. 108

The logo displays the text "The Center for Active Living" enclosed in a blue circle, representing the Senior Center for 50+ in West Seattle.
Two women smiling, one wearing glasses and a floral top, the other in a blue shirt. They are closely leaning into each other in a busy indoor setting, showing the warm connections you can make when you get involved at The Center for Active Living.
Two individuals wearing aprons stand close together in a kitchen, smiling at the camera. The person on the left wears a colorful, fruit-patterned apron, while the person on the right is in a plain white apron. Get involved at The Center for Active Living to join in on fun activities like this!
Two elderly women smiling while seated at a piano in a well-lit room with large windows. One wears a red apron over a striped shirt, and the other dons a striped sweater. Get involved at The Center for Active Living to create joyful moments like these.